14. Consonants around the world

Ewe fricatives

Some contrasting fricatives in Ewe

Wubuy dental and alveolar stops

Dental and alveolarstops in Wubuy

Hungarian palatals

Palatals in Hungarian

Malayalam nasals

Contrasting nasals in Malayalam

Aleut stops

Further recordings of this language, not organized for teaching purposes, are available here, in the UCLA Phonetics Archive.

Dental, velar and uvular stops in Aleut

Kele and Titan bilabial and alveolar trills

Bilabial and alveolar trills in Kele and Titan.

Southern Swedish uvular trills

Southern Swedish

Polish sibilants

Polish sibilant fricatives

Toda sibilants

Toda sibilants

Melpa laterals

Melpa laterals

Zulu laterals

Zulu laterals

Nama clicks

Clicks in Nama

Nama greetings (small,mp3; 470K)

Nama greetings (large.wav; 4500K)

(All these words have a high tone)

X-ray of a Click

X-ray of a Click